The Patriots are back on the field on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys, so let’s talk about who you are rooting for. 

You have to like the Patriots running backs this week. I think its a good match-up against that Dallas defense. The Saints and Falcons are both putting up some pretty big numbers. C.J. Spiller had the game winner for New Orleans last Saturday night out of the back field,. We will maybe see more of the same from the Patriots. Dion Lewis is a break out star and  LeGarrette Blount had a three touchdown game against Jacksonville last time out.

if you have either of those Patriots running backs: start them 

Okay, let’s talk about the Cowboys. They are hurting with no Tony Romo, no Dez Bryant — are they capable of pulling off an upset? 

They are definitely going to need some help from the defense and I don’t see that happening this week. The Patriots offense is a juggernaut. Even with no Sean Lee for the Cowboys, they are getting Greg Hardy back, but he hasn’t played in four games, so how good can he really be? The Patriots offense is a bad matchup for anybody right now. 

Dallas defnse: sit them. 

Payton Manning. I’ve got him on my team, but he’s not playing quite like we are used to him playing. The Broncos are still 4-0, who is going to help him out against the Raiders?

Manning is looking a little old right now, but he’s got a pretty good tight end, Owen Daniels, and the Raiders are a mess against tight ends. Martellus Bennet for the Bears lit them up — he had a huge week. I think they’ve given up a touchdown each game to a tight end this year. 

Owen Daniels: start him 

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