It’s a well deserved bye week for our Patriots but there are ton of teams to look at this week, so who are you keeping an eye on? 

Seven teams are on the NFL right now at 3-0 and maybe none of them are more overlooked than the Carolina Panthers. As that offense goes, so too does Cam Newton. he looks unbelievable this year, going for over 300 yards one week ago.  He’s evolving into one of the best quarterbacks around the NFL right now. On top of all that, he is probably the best running threat on his team. It’s a great match up this week against the Tampa Bay Buckaneers. 

Cam Newton: Start him 

Another team doing awesome right now are the Arizona Cardinals at 3-0 this season, and their offense is doing a great job.  

They are another big surprise out of the NFC west, and as the Cardinals go, so too does Carson Palmer. He is 9-0 in the last nine games he started. His top receiving threat, Larry Fitzergerald right now, had a killer game last week with over 130 yard, four touchdowns in his last two games. Even if he can’t find the end zone, he’s definitely going to be a safe bet to at least put up close to a 100 yards this weekend. 

Larry Fitzergerald: Start him. 

If you’re a Detroit Lions fan, I’m sorry. They really just aren’t doing well right now. Do we just give up?

The Lions are really pretty much turning into a dumpster fire right now. It’s a disatster. Matt Stafford is looking terrible, he can’t get Calvin Johnson involved. It’s time to give up on Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford: sit him

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