Annnd just like that, our dry pattern is done as a slow moving cool front loaded with tropical moisture drops the hammer on southern New England this morning. The rain is badly needed across the region as many cities & towns are  running rainfall deficits of 2" since August 1st (even more since January 1st). Unfortunately, nobody is #winning if you get 1-2" during a morning commute. That’s what we face as this system works through the area this morning. The good news is by afternoon we can swap out widespread, heavy rain for scattered showers…lighter in nature. That 1-2" of rain in just a few hours will likely lead to some isolated reports of street flooding but road conditions will improve rapidly for the afternoon/evening commute. Despite a cool front doing its dirty work, we hold onto mild, muggy air until early evening then cooler & drier air takes hold tonight.

Tomorrow is a cooler day with mostly cloudy skies. Our front today barely makes it out of New England tomorrow–draped from Nantucket to New York city–and that’s the reason for clouds. In fact, a few showers are likely on the Cape/South Coast tomorrow afternoon & evening and those showers start working back north–metro Boston & Worcester. Plan on that front to foul up your Friday with periods of rain for the day. It won;t be heavy but it will be all day and it will be chilly. Temps will be pinned down near 50 for much of the day ( 40s in metrowest, Merrimack Valley, Worcester Hills!)

As for the weekend, it hinges on the track of Tropical Storm Joaquin. As of now it looks like it may make landfall in the Mid-Atlantic states (similar to Hurricane Sandy a few hours ago). This track would spare southern New England a direct hit but the remnant tropical rain will eventually find its way into the region. Timing with accuracy is difficult at best right now but I would lean toward a Sunday Evening-Monday Morning timeframe for Joaquin to bother us—if at all.

Stay tuned…and dry.


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