Fast Moving Air

Wind, air in motion (sometimes fast),  is our next element in this young week. First, it was the rain with many cities & towns picking up between .50-1.00" of rain from a storm that will slide into the Maritimes later this evening. This storm is done pestering us with rain but the storm (along with High Pressure) is cranking the wind upwards of 40mph across New York State and this wind energy will pass through New England later this evening & Tuesday.

The wind overnight will be the kind where you wake up for a split second & hear it passing through the trees–or–if you have an overgrown tree/bush the small limbs/twigs will "tap at the window" at times late tonight. There may even be an occasional gust over 40 mph overnight leading to small minor tree limb damage/patio furniture flips.

Stronger wind gusts, up near 50 mph, are possible during Taco Tuesday thanks in part to sunshine. This sunshine will help to mix up the air  (think of a ferris wheel going around in circles) which in doing so would grab some stronger winds up high in the sky and send them to us. At least that strong March sunshine will help to fend off that chilly wind during the day! Temps will be near 50 but that wind will keep wind chills near 40 tomorrow afternoon.

By Wednesday, we keep the sunshine around but ditch the atmospheric ferris wheels–less wind–setting us up for a delightful early spring day with most towns recovering from a chilly morning (20s) by reaching the mid 50s during the afternoon. Even warmer weather is on tap for Thursday & Friday with high temps both days into the 60s. The trade-off will be more clouds & even some showers late Thursday night & into Friday.

Enjoy what’s left of your Monday!