YORKTOWN, Va. (WHDH) — A father in Virginia claims he found a dead rodent inside a jar of JIF peanut butter that he used to make his 2-year-old daughter sandwiches.

Jacob Fisher had just made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for his toddler when he went to make one for himself in early August.

He told WTKR that he then noticed a rodent about halfway inside the jar that he purchased in May.

“I ran and grabbed the sandwich from her and all I could see were little legs and paws and a torso,” he said.

Fisher placed the jar and the half-eaten sandwich inside his freezer and says he contacted JIF, which is owned by Smucker’s.

“I am concerned there are diseases,” he said. “I have no idea if we have a disease; I think rats carry like 30 diseases.”

He alleges that he unsealed the jar before using it, so he claims some sort of rodent must have made its way into the jar during the manufacturing process.

JIF said in a statement to WTKR that the jars are processed upside down during the manufacturing process with air being blown into them. They are then reportedly flipped right-side up, filled with peanut butter and sealed.

“We do this to essentially eliminate the chance a foreign object enters our products,” the company said in the statement.

JIF added that Fisher has not provided them with further information about the product and they are waiting for him to send the jar back.

“We want to make sure everyone that buys our products enjoys them so when we hear that a consumer is not happy with one of our products, we take it seriously,” JIF continued in their statement. “We were sorry to hear that Mr. Fisher’s family is not feeling well but have no reason to believe our product is to blame. We’re hopeful that Mr. Fisher will take the next step of providing the basic information we’ve requested, including sending in the jar with the prepaid label we provided.”

Fisher says he is consulting with personal injury attorneys and plans to send the jar of peanut butter to JIF soon.

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