A video of a little boy and his dad is going viral after an interview with a French reporter about the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Journalist: Do you understand what’s happened? Do you understand why these people have done this? 

Boy: Yes, because they are very, very, very bad. Bad people aren’t very nice. And you have to be very careful because you need to move house. 

The boy Brandon is troubled by what’s happened, and his dad explains the outpouring of support in order to comfort his son.

Father: They’ve got guns but we have flowers. 

Boy: But flowers don’t do anything. They’re for… they’re for… they’re for… 

Father: Look, everyone is laying flowers here. 

Boy: Yes. 

Father: It’s to fight against the guns. 

Boy: Is it for protection? 

Father: That’s right. 

Boy: And the candles too? 

Father: They’re so we don’t forget the people who have gone. 

Boy: Oh. The flowers and candles are there to protect us? 

Father: Yes. 

The video was posted by Brandon’s father on social media, and he says the support means a lot to him. He says he is proud to be French, and proud of his fellow countrymen.

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