Father of South End shooting victim intends to hold Hernandez accountable

BOSTON (WHDH) - The father of one of the two men killed in Boston’s South End said he will continue to seek justice for his son after Aaron Hernandez’s death.

Safiro Furtado, along with Daniel de Abreu, was shot and killed in 2012. Prosecutors said Hernandez opened fire on their car because he was mad they spilled a drink on him at a club earlier in the evening. A jury found Hernandez not guilty last week, just days before he was found dead of suicide in his jail cell.

Salvatore Furtado, through an interpreter as he spoke in his native Creole, said he was surprised by the news of Hernandez’s death. He said as a Christian, he “never likes for anybody to die.”

“He was very surprised and he never thought Aaron Hernandez would reject his own life,” said interpreter Tony Correia.

Salvatore Furtado’s lawyer William Kennedy said he intends to hold Hernandez accountable for his son’s death, despite being found not guilty in the criminal case. He will continue with his civil lawsuit against Hernandez’s estate, much like the mother of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was found guilty of Lloyd’s 2013 murder and was serving a life sentence at the time of his death.

“We don’t know what that outcome necessarily will be but this is why we started this process before there was any criminal charges and why we’re here today and we intend to continue on,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said Salvatore Furtado misses his son, especially watching soccer games with him.

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