Fed up with package thief, Scituate woman orders Glitter Bomb

SCITUATE, MASS. (WHDH) - Follow a trail of glitter in Scituate and you might find a thief.

Fed up with the thief who has been stealing her packages from her Scituate apartment building, Melissa Peralta hatched a plan to get back at them — a glitter bomb.

“It’s an envelope kind of thing, and you open then and it’s a tube,” she said. “It’s kind of like a snake in a can. You open it and it sprays glitter everywhere.”

She left the package by the door Wednesday — and on Friday, someone took the bait.

“This morning I realized that it was gone and that’s when I ran up the stairs and followed the glitter trail,” Peralta said, adding that the trail led her to the building’s public women’s bathroom.

“There’s definitely a very sparkly person out there considering their actions this evening,” she said.

When she called police, officers told her “if this was a murder investigation, the glitter would be a smoking gun.”

Understandably, police told Peralta they couldn’t devote too much time to the investigation.

But Peralta says somewhere someone covered in sparkles has learned their lesson.

“I think even if they didn’t get the note, they definitely got the message,” she said.

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