A federal judge has ordered Apple to help unlock an iPhone in a local case. 

The FBI asked for help with getting information from the phone, which belongs to a man who was arrested in November 2015. 

The judge said Apple should give the FBI reasonable technical assistance to get into the phone. 

The judge also ordered Apple to turn over any encrypted data on the phone to FBI agents. 

This order comes after a long battle between the FBI and Apple, after the FBI requested help unlocking the iPhone that belonged to the San Bernardino shooter. 

The order was made in February, but the documents were just unsealed. 

On Friday, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice released a statement: 

"As we noted in previous court filings, there are many cases around the country in which iPhones hold critical evidence.  In several instances, Apple has been served with an All Writs Act order to provide assistance. In most of the cases, rather than challenge the orders in court, Apple has simply deferred complying with them, without seeking appropriate judicial relief. In this specific case, Apple has represented that they were unable and unwilling to comply with the court’s order, and no decision has been made by the government on whether to seek additional orders compelling Apple’s assistance in this matter."

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