The federal government is offering a deal to the families of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s victims in which the families would split Bulger’s money. 

In the deal, the victims and victims’ families would split Bulger’s assets after the US Attorney’s office worked out the arrangement. 

A settlement letter has been sent out to victims’ families. 

Bugler was convicted of 11 counts of murder, but according to the US Attorney’s office, the families of all 19 murders Bulger was charged with are included in
the settlement, along with three extortion victims. 

Twenty-two families will divvy up $822,000 found inside Bulger’s California apartment when he was found in 2011. 

There will also be an auction of some of his possessions, such as furniture from the apartment. 

The proceeds from the auction would also be split up among the families. 

Any assets of Bulger’s discovered in the future would be given to the families, but if they agree to the deal, they cannot request a large share in the future. 

The families would have to agree to this by the end of the month for the agreement to move forward. 

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