Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot

Are you ready for it?  I feel like I want to break out the steel drums and sing a little diddy like Michael Scott:  "Feelin' HOT HOT HOT!"  (see YouTube demonstration below).  Today is setting up to be the hottest day we've seen so far this summer!  It's a little hard to believe that we haven't hit 90° in Boston yet this year.  Maybe it's even a little harder to believe that the hot-dog days of summer are late this year.  In fact, only 6 other times in the last 140 years have we had to wait this long for a 90° day.  Okay, that's the only ridiculous stat I'm going to hit you with in this blog… 

Sunshine will be with us for the better part of the day, but there will be a few clouds that sneak into the picture for the afternoon and evening.  The heat – oh, the heat – it sets in fast!  By noon, most areas are in the mid to upper 80s, and the mercury will continue to rise.  Highs this afternoon will be between 87-93°!  I know not everyone is a fan of the heat.  I get it.  However, as I mentioned before, the heat is late this year.  In fact, In fact, only 6 other times in the last 140 years have we had to wait this long for a 90° day.  Oh… oops.  Looks like this summah scorchah is getting to my brain.  :c)

Humidity is also on the increase starting today, but it doesn't really feel sticky until we head into the work week.  Dewpoints for Sunday will be between 60-65° (which is noticeable, but not a bother) and tomorrow dewp's will go up to 65°.  Really, it's Tuesday and Wednesday when some of us will start to whine about the mugginess – and we know with an increase in humidity often comes an increased chance for showers and storms.  We'll be keeping our eyes on the skies starting tomorrow night.

Showers and storms for Monday will be most likely well to the NW of Boston.  It's Tuesday and Wednesday that our chance for showers and storms will increase.  If you're on vacation, or entertaining family that is on vacation and visiting you – don't worry!  We'll still have some dry times during the beginning of the week.  It's still a little early to call it, but it's looking like less than 0.5" of rain by Thursday morning.  Just some pop-up showers and storms to dodge, and for now it doesn't look like anything severe.  As always, we'll be watching this.

Get outside and enjoy!  Also, make sure to grab the sunscreen and drink plenty of water.  Beer doesn't count.  – Breezy

My forecast for today: https://t.co/8Vj9bK42Mh

— Bri Eggers (@BriEggers) July 12, 2015