Feeling a Little Foggy…

I always LOVED that Jimmy Dean commercial where the sunshine says, "Why so low, Cloud?"  The cloud’s response:  "Feeling a little foggy."  Hahaha!  That’s so clever!  It’s the little things that make me smile, and we could all use a reason to smile with this gloomy forecast plaguing the week.

So, let’s look for the "glass half-full" side here, rather than the "glass half-full of RAIN" side.  First, we really do need the rain.  The "May flowers" (once they show up) will be very thankful for this rain.  Our lawns are also toasting with that glass half-full of rain, with a resounding "CHEERS!"  

I do understand your less-than-stellar mood, though.  After wrapping up the month of April as the first below-average month since last JUNE – many of us are craving the warmer temps.  Our gray and wet forecast also comes along with cool temps.  It can make the most motivated of us want to stay on the couch all day with a cup of hot coffee and a good book.

We do have some dry-ish periods within this gray week.  In fact, we’re in one of those dry-ish spells right now.  While the scattered showers are no longer with us, it will stay foggy/misty/drizzly through the night again…. but here’s another "silver-lining:"  We won’t have to worry about frost this week!  While our afternoon temps are cool, our overnight temps stay in the low to mid 40s!  Yee-Haw!

Tuesday’s round of rain is mostly during the morning and mostly south of the Mass. Pike.  It looks like another 0.25-0.5" with higher amounts favoring SE Massachusetts.  By mid-day and into the early afternoon, we’re into another "dry-ish" period again, but temps will still be cool.  Highs tomorrow will be in the mid 50s inland, and closer to 50° along the coast.

Keep the rain gear handy all week long!  I’m pulling for sunshine, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until next weekend for the Jimmy Dean Sunshine to show up in our kitchen with a convenient, single-serving, breakfast sandwich to lift us out of our fog.  – Breezy