Few Showers, But Mainly Dry Weekend Ahead

After some really cold air came barreling down into New England last weekend, this weekend, is a bit more seasonable.  Sure, we’ll start off on the cool side with highs today only in the low 50s, but by Sunday, highs for many towns topple the 60 degree mark.  

We’ll find more clouds than sun today, and even start Sunday with clouds and a few showers.  The best chance for picking up on a few showers tomorrow will be between 7am-Noon.  A couple showers linger into the early afternoon across far Southeast Mass, but most of us dry out around lunch time.  That means a dry game out there at Gillette with game temps in the lower 60s.  Plan on a couple of showers though for the mid to late morning tailgates.  

The overall pattern ahead is chalked full of afternoons in the 50s and even a few 60s.  That’s close to seasonable levels for this time of year as the average high runs in the upper 50s.  Monday and Tuesday will be a bit cooler than that, but also the brightest. 

The next best chance of widespread rain arrives late Wednesday into Thursday as a series of fronts move in ( a warm front, then cold front).  Included in that set-up will be some moisture from the remnants of Patricia, which will allow for embedding downpours with the rain that moves through.  

Speaking of Patricia, it’s a category 1 hurricane this morning, on it’s way to a remnant low late today.  It’s now more of a rainmaker than anything else for Mexico and into Texas through the rest of the weekend.  Although it made landfall last night with winds of 165mph, the core of max winds were relatively small (15 miles across) and hurricane force winds only extending out 30-35miles from the center.  With this in mind, the hopes are that the extreme damage done won’t be as widespread as one may typically expect with such a powerful storm.  Although the worst of the winds are over, the flood potential from rain will certainly continue to be a threat from Mexico to Texas to Louisiana through the weekend. 

Have a good weekend and go Pats!!!!!!!!!!! 

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