BOSTON (WHDH) - Residents of Boston’s Hyde Park neighborhood say they are being terrorized by an especially aggressive turkey that goes by Oscar.

Neighbors say the turkey can act as a bird of prey. Liz Poullette said she was out walking with her husband on Sunday when all of a sudden, the fierce fowl went on the attack.

‘It was definitely a weird situation to be in, being attacked by a turkey,” she said. “We’re like, ‘OK, turkey’s coming toward us, and then it starts running toward us. I don’t turn my back on it, because you don’t turn your back on turkeys.”

Armed with Cheerios and ice, a neighbor came running to her rescue — but, not before the bird left its mark.

“I put my arm up because it was being a little aggressive, and it jumped and with its feet, they have like talons, it grabbed my sweatshirt,” Poulette said. “I have a couple scrapes and a bruise. I had to beat it back with my handbag to finally leave us alone.”

She is not alone.

Elvis Amador lives on Lexington Street where Poulette had her run-in. He said he recently helped another woman targeted by the turkey.

“The turkey was after her, I mean really really after her. It was amazing,” he said. “The lady fell, she fell by the bushes there. That’s when I came to the rescue.”

Amador and his wife were the ones to coin the turkey’s nickname, Oscar. They said he was been around for months and hope animal control will step in and find him a new home soon.

“He doesn’t like people so much lately as time goes by. Because he wasn’t like that before. He’s been very aggressive lately,” he said. “Somebody’s going to get hurt.

While Poulette holds no hard feelings for the turkey, she did say she was looking forward to a certain holiday that arrives in just a few weeks.

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