Final night of Tufts nurses strike comes to an end

BOSTON (WHDH) - Candles and songs marked an emotional final night for Tufts nurses.

But amid the peaceful protesting, there was increasing tension between the locked out nurses and hospital officials.

A tufts spokesperson says in two cases, buses carrying replacement nurses were attacked.

“At a couple of the hotels where the replacement nurses were staying, there were protesters shouting profanities and pounding on the buses,”said Terry Hudson-Jinks, Tufts CNO. “Throwing coffee and really trying to intimidate the nurses.”

They say the protesters were holding MNA placards and state police responded.

State police say they did not respond to any attack but did disperse 22 protesters picketing outside of the hotels without a permit.

A spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police went on to say, “The protesters were cooperative and dispersed without incident. There was no violence or throwing of any objects.”

The Massachusetts Nurses Association says they were not involved in any attacks.

“That’s not what we’re about,” said one nurse, Mary Havlicek-Cornaccia, “we provide care, we don’t hurt people.”

City and state leaders hope that once the lockout ends, both sides can go back to the negotiating table. The nurses are allowed back into the hospital at 7:00 a.m. on Monday.


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