Find a Place for It

I’ll admit it right now. That swath of snow from Central Mass to Southern Maine was poorly forecasted. Snowfall amounted to 8″ in some spots (Ashburnham to be exact) and up to 6″ in others (Londonderry). Elsewhere, the amounts fell within our range as the burst of snow was brief (but intense).

Lesson learned on that one. And perhaps food for thought in the next weather setup. What essentially happened was a band of snow stalled over Central Mass and Southern NH/ME. It was waiting for a storm to form southeast of Nantucket. This is almost identical to what will happen Monday into Tuesday.

But hang on here, it’s not entirely that simple. There are other challenges to the forecast. Essentially, I think waves of light snow will pass through – with lulls – until Monday. It’s then that a storm system snuggles up to us and increases the snow.

So is it a storm? Not really. Just a snowy setup (newsies will love that alliteration) that holds for days on end. A stalled front will set up shop over New England and an east/northeasterly flow off the ocean will provide limitless moisture.

On Monday, a storm gets close (but not too close) as it passes off Nantucket. It’s then that I expect the snow to fall a little more heavily, but at no point are we seeing white-outs, blizzard conditions or a statewide shutdown. Travel will be slow, but doable.

We await the finer points of the forecast, but I see at least a foot of snow in many parts of Southern New England – with the exception of Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod.

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