It is important no matter what we do….to finish strong (kinda digging the Sox as of late, playing the role of spoiler) and it’s going to be the theme of Summer 2015. We have a rather large area of High Pressure over us and this won’t move this week. That means ample sunshine for several days with little to no threat of rain during the next 5-7 days. In terms of temperatures, they will bounce up & down from day to day with today being hot–many towns up near 90. Tomorrow, we’ll see a cool front drop in from Maine and that will clip our afternoon temps by 5-10 degrees (low to mid 80s). On Wednesday and Thursday, those numbers are back into the upper 80s/low 90s for afternoon temps. On Friday, they’ll settle back into the low 80s—all while holding onto sunshine with only moderate amounts of humidity this week. As of now, the Labor Day holiday weekend will feature sunshine & warm to hot temps all three days.

For those of you ready for crisp fall air…there are signs our first batch of cool air may arrive by the middle of next week. Until then, enjoy the last days of summer.


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