Fired cops accused of excessive force seek video of arrest

AGAWAM, Mass. (AP) — Three Agawam police officers who were fired after city officials determined they used excessive force in subduing a struggling man are asking the city to release a video of the incident.

Attorney John Connor said Wednesday there’s no reason to withhold the video since prosecutors have notified city officials that the officers won’t face criminal charges.

Connor says the video shows the “intoxicated” man, David Desjardins of Baltic, Connecticut, attack two of the officers during the booking process after he was taken into police custody at the Six Flags New England amusement park in June.

He says the officers’ use of baton strikes was “authorized and appropriate” under the circumstances.

Sgt. Anthony Grasso, Officer John Moccio and Officer Edward Connor, no relation to the attorney, were fired in October.

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