UXBRIDGE, Mass. (WHDH) — Flames poured out of the back of a building where a fire started in Uxbridge. Within minutes the whole structure was filled with smoke, sending residents of the seven apartments and customers of a bridal shop below into the street. Two college students who just moved into the building a few months ago came home to see the flames.

“Pretty much everything I have is in that apartment, and it’s gone now,” said Katie Scharnagle.

The hot weather made it extra tough for firefighters. Residents and local businesses brought ice to cool them off but even then, extra men were needed from nearby towns.

“When you’ve got temperatures in the 90s, I believe the heat index is over 100, 105, you’re wearing that heavy gear, they can only last 15, 20 minutes. We went to multiple alarms very quickly because of it,” said Chief Bill Kessler of the Uxbridge Fire Department.

Everyone got out just fine. The businesses on the ground floor were soaked but the owner of the bridal shop said they were able to get all the customer’s dresses out with help.

“The customers that were in the store, passersby , the town hall employees, we just grabbed and ran,” said Sue Burke, the owner of the bridal shop.

The first water was in on the fire within seven to ten minutes and the work on the building continues.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

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