NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. (WHDH) - Firefighters extinguished a pickup truck that went up in flames Wednesday afternoon in North Andover.

Amele Ambrosino of Total Temperature Control said her employee was driving home when smoke started pouring into the cab from under the steering wheel.

He immediately pulled over into the parking lot of the Ruff N Tumble pet daycare on Osgood Street and jumped out of the car.

“He was just lucky, had he driven it another two feet, he wouldn’t be here with us,” Ambrosino said. “As soon as he got out, it exploded and it just engulfed in flames.”

Michael Helman, the owner of the pet daycare, heard the commotion and looked outside to find the torched pickup.

“I called 911 right away and within minutes, the car was fully engulfed in flames,” Helman said.

Video from the scene shows the fire set off a small explosion as thick black smoke billowed into the sky.

Fortunately, the parking lot was empty at the time because the business owners are preparing for their grand opening next week.

“Once the fire kind of made its way further along the truck there were a couple of explosions,” owner Kimberly Palermo said. “We heard the sounds and saw the sparks.”

Ambrosino said she is glad that her employee made it out when he did and that he continues to exhibit an exemplary work ethic.

“He’ll be here tomorrow morning, as usual, 5:30 a.m., like he always is,” she said. “He doesn’t miss a beat that guy, doesn’t miss a beat. God bless him.”

There were no reported injuries.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

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