Just like that the 60 degree weather is gone…..but not forgotten. The cold returned last evening and will be with us today as temps don’t move much from their starting point–mid 30s. The good news is this isn’t the start of another long, drawn out cold snap but rather just a downturn in our up & down temp pattern that appears to be with us for several days (good luck staying healthy after these wild temp swings!).

Getting back into the 50s by Wednesday will require some meteorological muscle–a warm front– and these fronts are great at making weather (clouds, rain, snow, thunder, lightning, hail, yada yada). We’ll only have to deal with some clouds today and perhaps a few flurries/sprinkles mid to late afternoon but by evening we’ll see some light rain/sleet move in. Across interior New England there will be several hours of sleet & freezing rain so untreated surfaces will become quite slick for travel. The areas I’m thinking would be west of I-495 as well as much of southwest NH. For the rest of us just a chilly rain (no ice) this evening. The amount of rain is less than .25″ (the amount of sleet is a coating at the most).

By Wednesday our warm front moves up into northern New England taking any leftover rain showers with it by 9am. Clouds will linger but despite the clouds, temps will soar into the mid-upper 50s by afternoon. Enjoy as more cold air returns for the end of the week.


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