I’m not a fisherman but if I was I would fish with a net if I could so I could say I fish with a net. The phrase fishing with a net works with my forecast today. The forecast calls for some sun, clouds, showers, wind and seasonal temps! Ha!…see?…how can I miss with that?!?! The weather will really go through all those elements though as we have a potent little weather system that will wobble through here today. This system will fire up showers from about 10am until 2pm (even a rumble of thunder is possible!) On either side of those showers will be some sunshine. As for temps, they are in the low 50s now and this potent system will cap them from rising so plan on temps this afternoon also in the 50s. Windy & chilly conditions this evening out at Fenway–but dry!

Thursday is a windy day with mostly sunny skies. Temps all by themselves won’t be too bad (bit chilly during the morning–30s) as the numbers finish close to normal reaching the mid 50s but a cranky northwest wind around 20-30 mph will add a bit of a chill to the air. More sunshine anticipated on Friday and much less wind. Temps bounce back into the 60s by afternoon. #Winning

Quick look at the weekend, offers some showers on Saturday (mainly early & late in the day) and mostly sunny skies on Sunday. Seasonal temps expected both days.


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