Fitchburg residents hoping to fly paper airplane into Guinness Book of World Records

FITCHBURG, MASS. (WHDH) - It’s a paper airplane that’s larger than life.

Residents in Fitchburg came together in an attempt to create the world’s largest paper airplane, which was lifted into the air for the first time today.

“It’s been a great feeling to pull that off for today,” said Jerry Beck, the founder of Revolving Museum. “It’s a beautiful day in Fitchburg.”

The giant creation measures 64 feet long and weighs nearly 2,000 pounds. Project organizers say that’s enough to land them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

“We have a lot of talented people,” Beck said. “Engineers, pilots, safety personnel, that made sure we did it right.”

The plane is covered in one-of-a-kind artwork thanks to the hard work of thousands of volunteers, students, and artists.

“We’ve had people from all over the world contacting us and making art for us,” Beck said.

The project has a special meaning for the city, which has a history of being a major paper producer.

“On the physical body of this airplane there are papers that were made locally here at the mill,” said artist Kathy Fanelli. “It’s being used to revive and renew the city.”

And it’s more than just a paper airplane. It’s a symbol of the great things that can happen when the community works together.

“All that we do is about community,” Beck said. “It’s about bringing people together.”

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