PLANTATION, Fla. (WHDH) — Three brothers, one mission: raise one million dollars to aid the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Mikey Stolzenberg lost his arms and legs when he was just eight years old, from a bug bite. Soil got into the bite and caused a disease called Chromobacterium Violaceum, a bacterial infection that spread throughout the child’s body.

Doctor’s were able to save his life, but he would have to lose all four limbs.

Now, Stolzenberg is 13-years-old. He’s able to run and is even a star lacrosse player at Fort Lauderdale’s Pine Crest School.

“Michael, from day one, he never let this define him,” said Mikey’s mother, Laura. “’Michael’s amazing.’ Those are comments I get every day, and I just love him, [I’m] so proud of him.”

After hearing about the Boston Marathon bombings, Mikey and his two older brothers created the website ‘Mikey’s Run’ to raise money for the victims.

Several people began to notice, including Oprah Winfrey.

“The world needs people like Michael Stolzenberg,” she said at the Harvard University commencement speech.

After the speech she called Mikey to learn more about his mission.

“She first asked how much money we raised so far,” Stolzenberg said. “I said, ‘$100,000.’ She said that she would double it and make it 200.”

Mikey’s Run’s goal is to raise one million dollars by next year’s Boston Marathon. Their first event is a ‘Fun Run’ scheduled for July 27 at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale.

“Watching Michael smile every day, as a mom, that’s all you want…your kids to be happy,” said Laura Stolzenberg.

For more information on ‘Mikey’s Run’ visit:

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