ORLANDO, Fla. (WHDH) — A dog named Cuddles is being called a “miracle dog” Saturday after surviving what the owner believes was a confrontation with robbers.

Cuddles had been severely beaten. Police have no leads, but the dog’s owner, Johna McCormick, found the 6-pound Chinese crested dog with cracked ribs and three fractured legs.

She believes that robbers that have recently been terrorizing her neighborhood are to blame.

McCormick said she's worried the alleged perpetrators are becoming violent. "It's very frightening, because I am no muscle man," she said "[There's] no way I can fight them off."

The dog's medical bills are well over $10,000 and will continue to mount as she goes back for follow up treatment, but she is expected to survive.

She recently took her first steps and was able to eat without being spoon-fed.

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