Flakes Fly Again

What else would you expect?  For the 10th weekend in a row, the city of Boston will see some snow.  Not a lot, but certainly enough to remind us that even though the calendar says Spring, actual Spring weather can take a while to show up around here.

We’ll start the morning off with rain showers that mix and change to wet snow for most locations, although it may stay mostly rain for the Cape and Islands until late this afternoon.  With temperatures hovering above freezing through much of the day, snow struggles to pile up, unless it comes down real hard.  That’s why, despite seeing a decent amount of precipitation, generally, I only expect a slushy coating to a couple inches for most.  There may be few towns the are a bit higher on the car tops/deck/grass in interior SE Mass, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.  Also, the hilly terrain in Worcester County to NW Rhode Island and NE Connecticut see 3″ in a few spots.   Overall, most main roads stay wet, and not white, although in the steadier bursts of snow, slushy coatings on the roads are possible.  It’ll likely be one of those days when it snows fairly hard, temps drop to 33-34 with some accumulation, then when the snow lightens up, temps rise to 36-38 with some melting. The breeze picks up this afternoon too, adding a bit of a chill into the evening.

Snow showers linger this evening and then we dry out after midnight tonight.

Tomorrow looks much better with temps near 40 and returning sunshine!