Heavier snow showers across Southeast Mass were enough to drop 1-2″ of snow in several towns along/near the Route 3 corridor, south of the Braintree Split yesterday afternoon/evening.  There, a coating or so of snow of the roads was enough to create a few slick spots.  Overall, it wasn’t a big event, and those flakes certainly made it feel festive for all those Christmas parties that were held last night.

So what about today?… We’ll more of the same with lots of clouds around and patches of mist and snow.  A coating to an inch is the general range throughout the day.  Some towns may get away with just some flurries, as the patches of snow are sporadic. Watch out for a few slick spots this morning on untreated surfaces if you did get a bit of snow last night, as temps generally run at or below freezing.  Temps average the mid to upper 30s this afternoon, so travel issues due to the weather should be limited.  In fact, the air is mild enough along the Route 3 stretch of Plymouth County and the Cape/Islands, that any morning flakes turn to rain drops/mist. 

Tomorrow keeps more clouds around with even a passing rain or snow showers.  More showers roll in for Tuesday, foreshadowing the next big storm to charge in.

The next big storm arrives just in time for Christmas Eve.  Yes, it’s a nasty storm, but it’s a rain-maker for us.  The height of the storm hits Wednesday afternoon-Wednesday night as 1-2″+ of rain pelts down with gusty southeast winds pushing 40-50mph at the coast/Cape.   The surge in mild air may even allow for embedded thunder in the evening/overnight as temperatures surge into the mid 50s to near 60!  So much for a white Christmas huh?  We’ll also watch for minor coastal flooding as tides are astronomically higher Wednesday afternoon/evening. 

While Santa need Rudolph’s red nose to navigate New England Christmas Eve, we won’t need the windshield wipers anymore on Christmas Day to navigate the roads.  Rain should taper off between 7-9am in the morning as some sun returns for Christmas afternoon itself with temps still running well into the 50s! 

Enjoy the rest of weekend and the holidays to come!

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