Flaking Out

It was all over my Twitter feed.

Some interesting shots of the random flakes that were falling throughout Southern New England. While it freaked some people out, it doesn’t have any bearing on the upcoming winter. But it does give us an idea how cold it was today. 

With highs in the low to mid 40s, it begs the question…how could it snow above freezing? 

Simply put, the freezing level was low (near 1000 ft.) AND (most importantly) the air is dry. Some of those falling flakes evaporated as they fell. As we know from chemistry class, evaporation is a cooling process and therefore, the flakes were somewhat insulated from the warmer surroundings (at the expense of their evaporating neighbors).

Tomorrow the chilly air is on the move. However, we won’t get out of the cool air until late day. Whereas that might have meant something in the summer – with the longer days – it doesn’t mean much now with sunset inside 6pm. It’ll be milder tomorrow night and Tuesday. It’s a breakneck jump in temperatures, really: 40s to low 60s! We’ll be invaded by clouds, but mild is mild.

Or should I say seasonable. Normal high is 60 on Tuesday. We’ll be right there or even a little above.

Quiet week ahead. October can be a pretty stormy month (as we know), but for now, the horizon is clear of any nor’easters, all-day rain, or whipping winds.

Enjoy the peace and quiet.

And GOOOOOOOOOOO Pats!!!!!!!