Flight attendant adopts dog who waited outside hotel for 6 months

(WHDH) — A flight attendant has adopted a persistent stray dog after he reportedly waited outside an Argentinian hotel for six months.

Olivia Sievers told NoticieroTrece that while she was on a business trip, she met a stray dog as she was walking near her hotel in Buenos Aires.

Sievers stopped to feed and play with the dog. The stray then followed her and slept outside the hotel waiting for her the next morning.

She said the dog was really happy that someone gave him attention.

Sievers nicknamed the dog Rubio and then flew back home to Germany. When she returned a few months later, the dog was still there waiting for her so she set up an adoption for him.

Once returning a few months later, she learned that Rubio had escaped his adopter’s home and went back to the same hotel where she had stayed.

When Sievers arrived back in Argentina, she finally adopted the dog and took him home to Germany where he appears to be enjoying his new life in a new country.

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