LOWELL, Mass. (WHDH) — Heavy rain moved in and within minutes, a Meineke Car Care parking lot in Lowell turned into a lake.

“By 2:30 we had about three feet of water out here. As you can see we are still cleaning up. Water lines above the first course of bricks there, so, over the years this happens periodically,” said Scott Wallace, a Meineke staff member.

The security cameras captured the rising water. Every time a car drove by, it created waves and there was even debris floating by.

“People come through here; they drive…no common sense. People are going through it 40 miles an hour and their engines ingest water, shuts them down, they have to get towed out. Somebody sees this happen, another person right behind them, it’s…you know. These are automobiles, not boats people,” said Wallace.

In Ipswich the big rains also caused problems for drivers and make it a slow drive home for many.

The storm also knocked over a big tree on Lowell St. in Methuen. It first knocked into a power line and then came crashing down on the road. Crews quickly cut it up and moved it out of the way.

And in Lynn, more trees came down during the worst of the storm on Warwick Street.

“I just moved away from and I hear crack, a cracking sound, and there it went,” said Shirley Johnson, who saw the tree come down.

The clean-up has already begun and people are starting to prepare for more potential storms Tuesday.

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