Florida camp teaches kids how to be firefighters

TAMPA BAY, FL. (NBC) — Many kids say they want to be a firefighter when they grow up, but not many actually do.

Now, a camp in Florida is giving them some “hands-on” experience to see just what it takes.

Fire officials say they hope it increases diversity in departments across the country.

Kids from “Teen Camp Two’ learned firsthand- after stepping into the action-packed life of a firefighter.

“We’re actually letting them spray water, were doing extrication with the Jaws of Life, were doing a little bit of medical scenario,” one fire official said.

For 11-year-old Cameron Stinson, the experience is once in a lifetime.

“I’ve never gotten to spray the hose or witness the breaking cars or anything,” Stinson said.

Firefighters are giving the kids a day off from life and planting the seed for future firefighters.

“Today is all around a good day,” Stinson said. “I want to be a firefighter. It’s been a little dream since I grew up in the back of my head.”