Florida deputy brings joy to homeless people in community

A Florida sheriff’s deputy is bringing joy to the lives of homeless people in his community.

There are about a dozen homeless camps on the west side of Volusia County, Florida, and Deputy Morris Froscher knows where each and every camp is.

The deputy frequently visits the camps on his own time several times a year. 

He brings food, clothing, and hygiene products, and he pays for all of it.

The former marine, whom the homeless call “Gunny” is welcomed like an old friend in the camps.

The deputy said he has zero tolerance for crime, but is 100 percent behind people just trying to survive.

"Any person could find themselves with some catastrophic medical issue or loss of a job or something like that," Froscher said.

Steve Patterson and his wife have lived in this camp for two years.

"It’s somebody that I can trust,” Patterson said. “It’s somebody that I know is on our side. He’s not pushing to get rid of us out of here."

Deputy Froscher is eligible for retirement, but doesn’t plan to do so right now. His focus is on helping people.

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