Florida family with large Christmas lights display wins lawsuit

PLANTATION, Fla. (WHDH) — A Florida family will be celebrating Christmas a bit early this year, after winning a lawsuit filed against them by their city.

Every year, the Hyatt family puts up an extravagant Christmas display for the holidays, with more than 200,000 lights and other decorations. Two years ago, the city of Plantation sued the Hyatts, claiming the many people who came to see the display created a traffic problem. The city also called the display a “public nuisance.”

A judge ruled against the city, saying they failed to prove the Hyatts’ display was a public nuisance. Neighbors of the Hyatts testified during the trail, saying the traffic was never a problem until the city made it one.

“She vindicated our family, she vindicated our ability to bring the Christmas spirit to many of the residents here in South Florida,” said Mark Hyatt.

Outside court, Hyatt criticized the city for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and shut down his display. Hyatt said the trial has inspired him to run for public office.

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