Florida homes turning their lawns into farms

An initiative to turn lawns into farms is taking root in Florida.

The front yard with a lawn neatly mowed and manicured is a mainstay of most streets in many communities.

But a growing number of people see another, more practical use for that open space in front of their houses, turning their lawns into farms.

After leaving his day job as Orlando’s Director of Sustainability, Chris Castro leads a group of volunteers as they go door-to-door farming neighbors lawns.

They are trying to change the way we eat.

Castro said, “We do everything for the homeowner. And essentially, all they have to do is provide the land for us to do it.”

The idea is quickly catching on.

There are even 300 people waiting to get their lawns farmed.

Owners keep a portion of the produce and volunteers take the rest to local farmers markets and restaurants.

Castro hopes his children can take away from this movement.

He said he hopes they learn “that they can create things themselves, not just the farm but a movement.”