After today’s highs near 50, it would be easy to rush into April all pie-eyed about the end of the cold pattern.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The ocean temperatures are very cold and we have a long road ahead before the weather is beach-worthy. The pattern may loosen up by the end of the week, but we could slip back in it next week as we face a potentially long wet spell. (Sadly, it is my job to forecast into next week…as much as I want to ignore it.)

Hang on though. I don’t want to stomp over a bright forecast in the coming days. Although the temperatures will sag a bit tomorrow, they’re back in the 50s and 60s into the first part of the weekend! This will be a good shot in the arm for those rooting for spring. (And at this point, who isn’t?)

A sharp warm front will cross on Thursday, allowing the warmth to surge back into New England. Unfortunately, the warmest air will arrive overnight on Thursday, so we miss a two-day run in the 60s. Friday is the day we should hit the 60s, but I’m not seeing it everywhere. Southwest winds mean the chilly 40s will reside on the Cape/Islands. Even southeast Mass. should “only” hit the 50s. This time of year, the warmest air resides north and west of the city – into the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH.

Heads up! Saturday is looking like a wild weather day. We’ll peak near 60 in the morning, then fall back to the 40s by afternoon as showers give way to sun. Wind will howl too. As it should with all that air changing hands. Easter Sunday is quiet and cool…or just plain cold for sunrise services.


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