For 4th day, Flemmi testifies in Salemme mob murder trial

BOSTON (WHDH) - Stephen Flemmi took the stand Monday for fourth day in the murder trial of “Cadillac” Frank Salemme.

A defense attorney for Paul Weadick, who allegedly held the legs of victim Steve DiSarro as Salemme strangled him in 1993, tried to whittle away at Flemmi’s credibility.

Flemmi admitted that during his life of crime, he and “Whitey” Bulger would use a ruse to cover their tracks when killing people — or to trick victims into vulnerable spots.

He also admitted to repeatedly lying under oath during 1998 hearings — in the same building — but he explained that was before he gained immunity from prosecution.

“Everything was a lie up to that point,” he said. “I admitted all that. That’s why I got charged with perjury.”

Radio host Howie Carr, who was in court for the proceedings, told 7News that during the morning break, Salemme turned back to reporters and mouthed, “unbelievable.”

Flemmi says he happened to walk in on the murder of DiSarro, the nightclub manager who went into business with the mafia as secret partners in Sharon in 1993.

Flemmi is providing information to the government at several trials and in return had some of his real estate holdings returned to his family as well as better living conditions. He had complained bitterly about his time at MCI Cedar Junction in Walpole.

“The conditions were inhumane,” he was quoted as saying, later adding, “It’s not the Hilton.” Flemmi said the food was terrible and he was only allowed to shower twice a week.

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