Sick calls and booked tee times both going up today?  Coincidence, I think not. 

While the past couple of days have been nice ones by March standards, this is the day most of us have been looking forward to.  That 71 has been just hanging there on the 7 day forecast, teasing us about the Spring weather ahead.  Well here we are, and the forecast has not changed much over the last several days.  Stay the course! Forecast-wise that is, although golf-wise may be appropriate today too. 

The southwest wind this afternoon is strong enough to hold off the sea breeze in the city of Boston, allowing for temps near 70, even in the city. The record to shoot for is 72.  Where temps are the coolest, only in the 50s, that southwest wind comes in off the water.  That means you folks in far southern Bristol and Plymouth counties, the Cape and Islands will not take part in the warmest air. Even in central and northern Plymouth and Bristol counties, temps likely slide back several degrees this afternoon thanks to some influence of ocean air making it’s way north. 

Here’s the breakdown of highs… 


Showers develop tomorrow, becoming more widespread midday and into the afternoon.  Rain continues at night into early Friday morning before drying out by mid morning Friday. 

The weekend looks good!  Near 60 Saturday and in the upper 50s Sunday.  Temps in the 40s will prevail at the coast Sunday thanks an ocean breeze. 

Enjoy the day! 

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