Former local reporter living in Nice credits dog with saving him

NICE, France (WHDH) — A former reporter from Massachusetts survived the attack in Nice and said he credits his dog with saving his life.

Bill Rapp, who used to work as a reporter in Springfield, now lives in Nice, only four blocks away from where the attack happened. He and his wife were watching the Bastille Day fireworks show and witnessed the carnage when a truck plowed through a crowd of pedestrians.

“It looked as if a tornado had ripped through the pedestrian zone,” said Rapp. “Tables, all knocked over in the same direction. Chairs all knocked over, broken glass everywhere.”

Rapp said he and his wife would have been watching the fireworks closer to where the attack happened but were in a grassy area off to the side because they had their puppy with them. He said the decision possibly saved their lives.

Rapp said he is very angry about what happened. But despite the attack, he still feels safe in Nice.

“This is our home. We’re not going to be run off,” said Rapp.

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