Former New Hampshire prep school chaplain accused of abuse


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire prep school alumnus has accused a former chaplain of sexual abuse that allegedly took place decades ago, before the chaplain abruptly left a Rhode Island school over a sexual misconduct allegation.

St. Paul’s School said Wednesday it contacted Concord police, alumni and students about the allegations involving the Rev. Howard “Howdy” White when he was a chaplain and teacher from 1967-1971. Police say they’re investigating.

Rector Michael G. Hirschfeld said in a letter the school started its investigation after learning White left St. George’s School in Rhode Island in 1974. A parent there accused him of inappropriate sexual conduct with a student. The school said White abused at least three students. He was not charged.

White is now retired. A message was left at a number for him seeking comment.

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