A former New Hampshire state representative who is one of two people charged in a child pornography investigation waived her appearance Friday afternoon in a Nashua courtroom as she faces charges of distributing child sexual abuse images. 

Nashua police said 39-year-old Stacie Laughton, of Derry, New Hampshire, was arrested in the case on Thursday. 

Her arrest came on the same day that police arrested Lindsay Groves, 38, of Hudson, New Hampshire. In a separate announcement, the US Attorney’s office for Massachusetts said Groves is accused of taking nude pictures of children at the Creative Minds Early Learning Centers day care where she was an employee. 

The US Attorney’s Office said Groves allegedly took nude pictures of children at Creative Minds who were around three to five-years-old. Investigators said they found text messages on Groves’ phone talking about the exchange of images, as well as at least four sexually explicit photos of children.

Sources said Groves was sharing the images with Laughton. Sources also said Groves and Laughton had previously been in a relationship. According to court documents, Laughton was then charged with stalking Groves in September of last year. 

Creative Minds released a statement on Thursday saying “Creative Minds Early Education is cooperating fully with law enforcement to ensure a complete and extensive investigation into the allegations regarding a single former staff member.”

“We want to ensure our families that their children’s safety and privacy is of the utmost importance,” Creative Minds said. “We will make every effort to support all of our families during this difficult time.”

Parents react to allegations against former day care worker

7NEWS spoke to parents of children at Creative Minds who said they were horrified after learning about allegations in this case. 

“I felt my soul leave my body. I just remember hyperventilating,” said one mother, Jayme. 

Jayme shared only her first name to protect her young son, who she said was one of the children preyed upon. 

“Now that I think of it, all the signs kind of make sense,” she said. “The behaviors. The wetting his pants. Him having a hard day when he has to be alone with Lindsay, which was noted in one of the report cards.”

Jayme said Homeland Security officers showed up at her home on Wednesday and revealed allegations against Groves. Jayme said officers needed her help identifying the victims.

“I was shown photos of his pants at the ankles,” she said. “I was shown photos of Lindsay Groves grabbing his genitals and this was on multiple occasions. He was in multiple outfits.” 

Creative Minds alerted most other parents on Thursday through a Zoom call. 

Speaking on Friday, Rosemary Denommee, whose daughter goes to the daycare, said “My heart, literally, was in my throat.” 

“I had all sorts of emotions — shakes, everything, you feel like you want to vomit,” she said. 

One group of mothers said they were told investigators have pictures of three boy victims and one girl victim. 

“They don’t have any answers as to who the girl is, but I have a daughter who comes here,” said Savannah Diaz. “I’m terrified.” 

Parents said they’ve asked their children about the accusations. But, since the children are so young, it is hard to discuss the topic with them. 

In the wake of allegations, parents said they want answers as to how this could happen. Parents said they also want their children to get the help they need. And Jayme said she wants the person who took advantage of her son to get punished. 

“I just hope that she faces the highest sentence she could and I hope she will never be able to hurt another child again,” she said. 

Groves was in court in New Hampshire on Thursday and was being held without bail on Friday. She is expected to appear in federal court in Boston to face additional charges next week.

Laughton resigned her seat in the state legislature in December, posting on social media that she was dealing with a lot. She was also being held without bail as of Friday.

Members of the public who have questions, concerns or information regarding this case should call 617-748-3274.

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