A former member of the New England Patriots practice squad is facing several charges of indecent assault. 

JJ Worton is facing two counts of indecent assault for allegedly touching two young women as he left a bar. He is also facing one count of assault and battery for allegedly punching the boyfriend of one of the women. 

Police say Worton was at Waxy O’Connors bar in Foxborough on Friday night. Police say they initially responded to the bar and got a description of the car Worton was in. 

Police stopped the car and found Worton with a man and two women inside. Worton initially told police he had just left Boston but then said he had been at the bar. 

According to a police report, Worton accidentally brushed up against the buttocks of a woman and the woman’s boyfriend confronted Worton. 

Worton told police he tried to run away from the boyfriend but was forced to defend himself by punching the boyfriend in the face, according to the police report. 

Waxy O’Connors and the Patriots declined to comment on the incident. 

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