Fortnite ‘Take the L’ dance banned at elementary school in Ashland

ASHLAND, MASS. (WHDH) - Students encouraged to dance at an elementary school in Ashland will no longer be able to show off a certain Fortnite dance move.

David A. Mindess Elementary School Principal Michael Caira Jr. recently sent an email to parents, saying that the “Take the L” dance seen in the popular video game was banned at the school.

The Fortnite dance is performed when individuals form an “L” shape with their hand while shaking their legs from side to side.

Mindess says this move has no place in school, writing, “The dance and its implication of calling another individual a loser is in direct opposition to our core values. I reiterate it is banned from the Mindess School, this includes in the morning during dance parties, in the lunch room and at recess.”

Any student who is spotted doing the dance on school property will be disciplined.

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