FOXBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - A Foxboro man is thankful to his cat for catching something wrong with his leg.

Thomas Williams said his cat kept bothering him about his one leg, pawing at it and refusing to let go.

“Wrapped himself right around my leg there, I said whoa! What are you doing?,” Williams said. “It was like an ankle bracelet trying to get rid of him. I said ‘no, I think there’s something wrong here.'”

Because Garfield was persistent, Williams decided to call his nurse.

“She said animals can detect illnesses and bacteria, they can smell it. And he was just alerting you, to say you have a problem.”

The 69-year-old had lost one of his legs in 2017. He said had it not been for Garfield, he may have lost his other leg too. When Williams went to the doctor, he found out he had a blood clot and an infection.

The doctor was able to perform surgery and save his remaining leg.

“He said, ‘you better go home and hug your cat, for alerting you.’ And if I didn’t go in there, chances are I probably would’ve lost a leg, and I might not have survived.”

Williams adopted Garfield earlier this year from a shelter in Cape Ann, to keep him company. He said its one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

“If he could understand it, I’d just say, ‘God bless you, and thank you, for saving my life,'” Williams said.

And though this Garfield may not be getting any lasagna anytime soon, Williams said he will be getting a whole lot of treat and a whole lot of love.

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