Framingham family finds burglar passed out in bed next to open bottle of wine

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - A man is facing charges after police say he broke into a home in Framingham and helped himself to a bottle of wine before passing out in a bed.

John Walsh’s family returned home Monday night and made an unsettling discovery in their basement. Vaughn Buckley, 45, allegedly broke into Walsh’s home by shattering a window with a brick

“Maybe just someone who was looking for a nice bed. It’s a nice bed. It’s a place to chill I guess,” Walsh said when asked about Buckley.

Walsh says his mother, a school teacher, found Buckley sleeping in a bed in their basement with a partially empty bottle of wine next to him.

“She went down stairs and originally thought I was sleeping there, but then noticed it wasn’t me. She came sprinting upstairs, yelling like she was crazy,” Walsh said.

Walsh’s parents say Buckley did not put up a fight when confronted about the break-in.

“The officers did note that the defendant was exhibiting some signs of intoxication,” prosecutor Timothy Cochrane said.

Buckley told police that he knew a member of the Walsh family. The family disputed that claim.

Buckley is charged with breaking and entering.

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