Framingham mayoral candidate apologizes for taking down opponent’s posters

FRAMINGHAM, MA (WHDH) - A candidate for mayor in Framingham apologized after he was caught on surveillance video removing his opponent’s flyers and posters from the library.

Norma Shulman said earlier this month, she left a poster and a clipboard containing signatures for candidate Yvonne Spicer in the library’s lobby. Hours later, she found them gone.

“My first thought was maybe someone complained that it was there and the librarians had taken it down just to stop the complaints,” said Shulman.

Police then released surveillance video showing another candidate, John Stefanini, taking the poster down. Video showed Stefanini putting the poster down while he spoke with a woman and then seconds later, picking it up again and leaving with it.

Stefanini initially defended what he did, saying it is a long-standing practice to not campaign in public buildings. But Shulman did not break the law and Stefanini is now apologizing.

“I have the utmost respect for civil and dignified political discourse and I am sorry that my actions that day did not meet that standard,” said Stefanini.

Stefanini and Spicer are two of seven candidates running for mayor in Framingham’s first election since voting to become a city. Spicer said she does not know if Stefanini was specifically targeting her but said she wants to move forward and focus on the concerns of citizens.

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