Framingham teen hockey program suspended over anti-Semitic allegations

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - A high school hockey team’s season is over after only one game.

School officials at Keefe Technical High School and Marion High School abruptly ended the schools’ joint boys’ ice hockey season after learning of some players’ “extremely derogatory behavior.” In a letter to parents, Keefe Tech Principal Shannon Snow said the schools received a report and after investigating, found anti-Semitic and “extremely derogatory behavior and actions” occurred among players.

Snow called the findings of the investigation “troubling and inconsistent with the climate and community at Keefe Tech.”

School leaders were told about possible anti-Semitic behavior by members of the hockey team on Friday morning.

The investigation was complete by Monday morning.

In the a letter to parents the principal said

Our investigation found that this was not an isolated instance or stand-alone event; instead, that this has been a pervasive issue with the team and that there has been an overall toxic and negative culture that has permeated the team dynamics.

The schools wouldn’t say how many of the players were involved, or what exactly they did. The schools only said they celebrate diversity and no one should feel excluded or targeted.

School leaders say that canceling the season wasn’t an easy decision, and parents and school administrators alike hope it’ll be a learning experience for these high schoolers.

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