Check out the graphic to the right. See that warmth last year? See how cold we’ll be this year?

Typically, we see a January thaw from the 20th to the 26th (climatologically speaking), but last year it came a little early. This year, it may come right on schedule.

Just a little something to put in the back of your mind. Now, back to the near-term forecast.

Rain slowly gets kicked offshore in the next few hours. Cold his right behind, but we’ll still have a few hours to dry out the roads and drain (most of) the puddles. Watch for slippery patches in the morning as temperatures nose dive in the wee hours.

Overall, the pattern remains quiet and cold…at least to start. The milder air will come later in the week with a shift in the wind direction. Not a bad way to sail through the coldest part of winter.

I’m no Edelman, but I’ll throw the long ball on the weekend forecast and say it’ll be mild. Highs may near 50 before backing off in the evening to the upper 30s. Considerably more mild than last weekend.

Never to early to start the chant.

Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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