French citizen who lives in Quincy responds to terror attack

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - A Quincy man who used to live in Nice, France, discussed his reaction to the terror attack on Friday after not being able to reach his parents, who live there.

When the news of the attack broke Thursday, Lionel Andre was initially unable to get in touch with his parents, who still live in Nice.

“Called, emailed, called their home, called their cell, no answer, so I was really worried,” Andre said.

He finally heard from his parents, Martial and Josette, via email Friday morning.

He said his parents seem numb.

“They are in complete shock and denial that this could happen,” he said. “We’ve gone to the fireworks, we’ve watched the fireworks from there before. It’s horrifying.

Andre celebrated French Independence on Bastille Day with his family in Nice two years ago.

He’s been in the US since 1998 and lived through the terror attack at the Boston Marathon three years ago, and now a strike on him hometown in France, which hit close to home.

“I’ve gone there my entire life, it’s my backyard, my second home, it’s time for it to stop,” he said.

Andre’s parents decided to watch the fireworks on television. They went to bed without even knowing the attack happened.

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