Tough go of it yesterday, eh? Clouds, sprinkles, then the downpours in the evening. We don’t need to relive it.

West winds bring with them promise of a bright day today. With a batch of cool air darting in, we’ll be hard pressed to surge past the mid 60s, however. That said, it’s worlds away from yesterday’s damp and cool weather.

Winds will settle later today and into the evening. Pats game looks superb for football, BUT it’s sweatershirt and jacket weather tonight. Temperatures will nosedive under clear skies and diminishing winds. Plan on 40s by the end of the 1st quarter, if not sooner. By the time you’re heading back to the parking lot, you’ll be seeing your breath.

Overall trend is to keep with the moderation in temperatures. After a chilly start – that sees some isolated frost in the suburbs of Worcester

(outlined in blue…purple is the freeze warning, which is possible farther out on the Mohawk Trail) we’ll recover nicely with a return wind from the south. Mild stuff all around with this wind direction: the temperatures keep climbing to the low 70s by Tuesday and Wednesday!

Although we technically remain in drought (I dug down 2-3 feet with my excavator yesterday and it was powder dry), there are some shots of rain heading our way. Tuesday late and Wednesday hold promise, and there is a close brush with a system next weekend. We’ll have to see how the “dust settles” in the days ahead in terms of water potential.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and goooooooooooo Pats!!


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