It’s fairly common in Spring to see morning sun yield to building clouds and even a few scattered showers in the afternoon.  The reason for it:  The transition from winter’s chill to summer’s warmth, often features cold air aloft and warm temps near the ground.  The colder the air aloft, the more instability the atmosphere has to build clouds and pop showers with the daytime heating.  Today, the air aloft was quite chilly.  In fact, you felt some of that in any heavy shower that passed through as temperatures would drop from the mid 60s to the low 50s in a matter of minutes.

Scattered showers linger through the evening, especially the closer to the coastline you our.  West of 495, we’ll dry out quickly this evening.  Inside 495, while we won’t see a lot of rain, a brief downpour or two is possible before we see clouds break late overnight.  That’ll allow for more sun to start Tuesday.  Just like today, that sun yields to building clouds, and even a few scattered afternoon showers near the coast.  We’ll max out in the mid 60s at the coast with winds turning onshore, while inland locations reach the low to mid 70s.  Warmest outside 495.

Wednesday, we near 70, and much of the day is dry before showers approach us from the west late in the evening. Those showers foreshadow unsettled and cool weather for Thursday and Friday.  In fact, with batches of rain, and an onshore wind, we’ll hold in the 50s both days.  The steadiest rain is Thursday while Friday’s showers are more hit or miss.

Saturday is transition day as showers become more hit or miss and temps warm into the 60s.  On the other side of transition day, is Sunday, which features sunshine and 70s, and Monday heads for 80+! 

Have a good evening.

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